Explore The Jacobs Music Center

Welcome to the Jacobs Music Center, the winter home of the San Diego Symphony!  

This building has a rich history. Did you know that it was originally a movie theater? It officially opened as the Fox Theatre on November 8, 1929. On the night that the theater opened, a trainload of Hollywood actors came down to San Diego to attend the grand opening of what was then the largest movie theater in San Diego and the third largest theater in California. Walt Disney loved the Fox Theatre so much that he sneak previewed all of his latest Disney movies right here in San Diego!  

The Fox Theatre eventually became a venue where touring shows would visit and perform, so it presented everything from opera, to Broadway musicals, to dance companies. In fact, if you were to go on a backstage tour of the theater today, you would see patches on the walls where the casts of musicals and the members of dance companies have signed their autographs and written the names of their shows lovingly in the nooks and crannies.  

Finally, in 1985, the Fox Theatre was purchased by the San Diego Symphony and, with the financial support of the Copley Family, we were able to renovate it and it became Copley Symphony Hall, the permanent home of the San Diego Symphony. In fall of 2013, Joan and Irwin Jacobs helped the Symphony to make further upgrades to the hall itself and to the lobby spaces and facilities making additionally beautiful for our guests. The name for our entire facility then became The Jacobs Music Center, but the performance hall itself is still called Copley Symphony Hall. 

Please come by and visit our beautiful hall for a concert of for a tour! 

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