Ask a Musician


What is your pre-concert warm-up/prep and how do you deal with nerves?

My usual pre-concert warm-up/prep includes some sort aerobic + stretching/breathing exercises.  I enjoy going for a quick short run or a relaxed longer jog followed by a leisurely stretching/breathing session. Although I expend quite a bit of physical energy, I'm always energized and ready to go afterward for a performance. When I arrive at the hall, I like to fit in a scale or two before heading out on stage.  However, if I'm running out of time, then a few long notes with slow vibrato always do the trick for me! --Yumi Cho, Violin

What advice do you have for young musicians trying to decide if they want to pursue a career in music?

I would say to follow your heart.  Music is a difficult field in which to be successful as there is an immense amount of competition, but if you have the talent and the perseverance you will win out.  It's extremely gratifying to be able to play music for a living everyday! --Sheryl Renk, Principal Clarinet

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